Total Wellness – Nutrition & Hydration Seminar

Your are invited to join Zac Palmer & The Fitness Gear + Training – FGT Family Wednesday, January 24th at 6pm for ​Part 2 of 4​ of an entertaining and informative series of seminars. Be sure to bring a pen and paper as you will want to take copious notes during the presentation! Wednesday’s Seminar Nutrition & Hydration Made Simple will cover,

– Total Nutrition Overview (How to stop over-complicating nutrition and start make your food work for you)

– Balance &  Structure (Determining what & when to eat for your body, your goals and your needs)

– The Psychology & Physiology of Consumption (Empower your mind to feed your body, and feed your body to empower your mind- How to implement sustainable​ nutritional habits​)


We will also have a quick review of the previous seminar’s teachings along with a handful of bonus insights to further enhance the material. And as Wednesday’s seminar is a component of the FGT 2018 Total Wellness Challenge the event registration fees are as follows,

– T.W. Challenge Participants: FREE!

– Current FGT and/or 30-Minute Fit Client: $10/each

– General Public: $20/each

If you plan to attend the event please arrive 5-10 minutes early and please RSVP to this email so we may plan accordingly. Thank you and we look forward to seeing all of you this evening!

Health & Happiness,

Zac Palmer

Vice President

Fitness Gear + Training

1605 N State St

Bellingham, WA 98225