Introducing the New & Improved Fit3D Scan System – Your First Scan FREE at FGT!

Clients, Friends & FGT Family,

Many of you are familiar with our Fit3D scan technology and, if you’re not, you will want to be!​ Like many new tools it had some bugs and we would periodically get inconsistent readings which is why we are writing you today…

We are excited to announce that Fitness Gear + Training – FGT is one of the first facilities to receive the newest version of the scanner with numerous upgrades and the most accurate and consistent scoring of any device available.

Yes, you heard me right – Fit3D sent us there latest and greatest model!

​As mentioned, this groundbreaking technology provides a means to accurately and quickly (to a 99% degree of accuracy in 30 seconds) provide a total body assessment coupled with 3D visuals of your person. You receive unilateral measurements of your person (left and right) and metrix for,

– Neck, Upper Arm, Forearm, Chest, Waist, Hips, Thighs & Calves

– Body Fat %, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), Lean Body Mass, and more!

– 3D Avatar of your person

All located on your own private dashboard allowing you to compare your visuals and track your progress (gains or reductions over specific regions of the body).

Be glad that you read all the way to the end, because….

To celebrate receiving our new scanner we are offering your first scan totally and completely FREE to all current members AND non-members (and those that have scanned before!).

To schedule please call (360) 671-5059, email Zac@FitnessGearAndTraining.Com or simply stop by and see if the scan room is available. As scans only take 30 seconds it is generally a short wait!

If you’ve scanned before come back and try the new system. If you’ve never been scanned come in and try the new system. Either way, your 1st scan is free at FGT!


Health, Happiness & Total Fulfillment

Zac Palmer – Vice President – Fitness Gear + Training

1605 N State St – Bellingham, WA 98225(360) 671-5059