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14 11, 2016

Best Way to Get Fit

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                                      What's Happening at FGT? - NEW! "Share the Wellness Program"   Any FGT or 30-Minute Fit Client that "Shares the Wellness" and refers a new client that joins FGT or 30-Minute Fit receives Half Off their [...]

8 11, 2016

4 Guilt-Free Pasta Recipes

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                               4 guilt-free pasta recipes It’s hard to find a dinner more satisfying than a steaming plate of flavorful pasta, but by now you’re well aware of just how fattening that is. Let’s not give up on our favorite pasta dishes…let’s [...]

2 11, 2016

The One-Two Punch for Fast Fat Loss

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                      The one-two punch for fast fat loss How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished that you could make your belly fat vanish before your eyes? Unsightly fat around the stomach is one of the most common body frustrations that I [...]