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24 10, 2016

Kill those cravings – once and for all

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                    Kill those cravings – once and for all If you’ve ever tasted packaged junk food (and who hasn’t) then you know just how addicting it can be. There’s a reason for this – the food companies actually formulate each bite for maximum craveability. This is [...]

18 10, 2016

Zac Palmer & Mary Kay Robinson LIVE on the Whatcom Report

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Follow the link below to listen to a LIVE interview with Zac Palmer & Mary Kay Robinson from the Whatcom Report on KGMI News Talk 790 as Zac discusses his new book and Wellness Program "Wake Up to Wellness - Pick Your Power and Find Your Inner Awesomeness!" Brought to you by your local [...]

11 10, 2016

4 Body Changes From Eating Low Carb

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                  4 Body Changes From Eating Low Carb Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen to your body if you stopped eating refined carbs? It’s no secret that refined and processed carbs contribute to weight gain, and so reducing the amount of these in your [...]

4 10, 2016

Fat Burning Meal Hacks

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                     Fat burning meal hacks The term 'hack' is being used a lot lately. While it used to have a negative connotation, these days to 'hack' is to find a quicker, easier and more effective method for achieving a goal. There are life hacks (like packing [...]