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23 05, 2016

Simple enough, right?

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Simple enough, right? Not happy with your body? It’s hardly your fault. Well not completely, there's a lot to be said for personal accountability. But, have you ever stopped to notice how many times you’re bombarded by food marketing each day? Ads come at you from magazine pages, T.V. commercials, on websites and billboards, each [...]

18 05, 2016

I used a treadmill desk for a month, and here’s what happened

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           I used a treadmill desk for a month, and here's what happened... Here's a great article I came across surrounding the benefits of using a treadmill desk in your work place. Please follow the link below and share your thoughts or feedback! And, being Whatcom County's Only Specialty Fitness [...]

16 05, 2016

Yes, it’s happening

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Yes, it’s happening It happens to everyone. That moment when you realize that it’s time to do something about your weight. It may happen when you’re looking in the mirror or standing on the scale. Your first thought is to go on a ‘diet’ but as quickly as that enters your mind the ghosts of [...]

9 05, 2016

Your Doctor Wants You to Read This

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        Your doctor wants you to read this Your doctor feels like a broken record. That’s right—he’s sick and tired of telling you how important exercise is to your health because YOU DON’T LISTEN. He’s sick of explaining how so many of your health problems will improve or even disappear as the [...]

6 05, 2016

Experience Youth… Again!

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         The Science of Aging For those of you that are unaware Fitness Gear & Training has been proudly offering the Pharmanex Nutraceutical Products for several years now. Pharmanex has a spansive product line for all of your nutritional support needs, but is also an industry pioneer in the science of aging. [...]