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31 08, 2015

It’s Only Your Life….

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It's Only Your Life... Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret…it’s not hard to get and stay fit. It’s not about hard work and deprivation. It’s all about boundaries. Let me explain… When you were a child your parents set boundaries around you. They were the authority on what was or [...]

26 08, 2015

Your only “bad” workout…

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Just because I'm a personal trainer people often assume that we, as trainers,  have some sort of twisted obsession towards exercise and healthy living. While that may be true to a degree that does not mean that we don't battle the same destructive internal dialogue attempting to talk us out of our daily exercise needs ("today was exhausting at [...]

24 08, 2015

5 Stupid Habits of Healthy People

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                   5 Stupid Habits of Healthy People You aren’t a stupid person –not by any means. In fact, I believe that you’re healthier than most. You exercise regularly. You watch what you eat. You keep up-to-date on the latest health concerns. You don’t binge on sugar. And [...]

19 08, 2015

Here’s How To Eat Less Sugar

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Here’s How To Eat Less Sugar If you want to quickly pack on a few pounds then eat lots of refined sugar. Oh, wait, why would you want to do that? Let’s eat less sugar, instead, and watch the pounds effortlessly slide off… We’ve been eating more and more sugar over the past 200 years, [...]