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Personal Training Introductory Specials!!

Personal Training Introductory Specials
Unlimited Access Membership to 30-Minute Fit
Normally $89/Month (Month to Month)
              $79/Month (Annual)
              $69/Month (Corporate/Military/Senior Rate)
30-Minute Fit has a trainer available from 5:30-9am, 11:30-1:30pm, and 4-7:30pm daily to guide you through each station and offer personalized form corrections and modifications to fit your needs! Each of the twenty-four stations has beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise variations for every fitness level. In addition, the circuit can adapted or expanded to meet your specific goals. It is the most personalized program in group fitness today! Otherwise, the circuit stations are changed every 4 weeks to include new and unique exercises for each month’s theme.
Cross-Over Packages w/ Private Personal Training
Unlimited Access Membership to 30-Minute Fit
+ (1) 30 Minute Private Personal Training Sessions Per Week
Only $169/month
Unlimited Access Membership to 30-Minute Fit
+ (1) 60 Minute Private Personal Training Sessions Per Week
Only $299/month
Private personal training is offered in 30 and 60 minute sessions. Couples and group discounts do apply. For private personal training rates please inquire within. 
Private Training Introductory Specials
(4) – 60 Minute Sessions Introductory Special – $159
(4) – 30 Minute Sessions Introductory Special – $99
All personal training programs include a free private fitness consultation, free access to seminars, free antioxidant scans, nutritional consulting, and (1) 15min coaching call with Zac every month!
Please contact Zac with any questions about their personal training programs or to schedule a free, no obligation, private fitness consultation!
Zac Palmer
Director of Business Operations
Fitness Gear & Training
1605 N State St
Bellingham, WA 98225
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