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17 06, 2015

New Referral & Testimonial Reward Program!

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Hello Fitness Gear & Training and 30-Minute Fit Clients, Friends, and Family!I'm writing today to make a brief, but exciting announcement to all of our current clients! A new referral and positive review rewards program! Make sure you read ALL the way through because we've got some pretty cool opportunities for you! As you can [...]

15 06, 2015

Biggest Fitness Secret Revealed

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Biggest Fitness Secret Revealed I hope you’re sitting down for this one because today I’m going to pull back the curtain and share with you something huge. In fact, I believe that this is the biggest secret to attaining that perfectly fit body that you’ve been after for so many years.If you’re like most fitness [...]

12 06, 2015

Guilt Free Pumpkin Pancakes

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Hello Fitness Gear & Training Friends & Family! An associate of mine recently shared this awesome recipe that was just too good not to pass along. Personally, I've never been a huge pancake fan. But, when you include the work "pumpkin" I'm all in. Check out this tasty, protein packed recipe below, and enjoy! Indulge [...]

10 06, 2015

30-Minute Fit Summer Special!

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It's that time of year again, and just because the sun is out we DON'T want you to forget about your fitness and resistance training needs. So to help offer a little additional incentive to spend 30-Minutes indoors a few days a week we're announcing this great summer special! Pay for (2) Months of 30-Minute [...]