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30-Minute Fit is the difference

I’m frequently asked what inspired me to create our 30-Minute Fit program. Several responses come to mind, most of them centered around the shortcomings that I frequently observe in the fitness industry today. Some of the areas that I was determined to improve on are…

– Individualized attention (or a lack there of). In most, conventional group training environments trainers aren’t doing what they should be doing. Correcting exercise posture, watching for imbalances in the body and employing proper corrective exercise. 30-Minute Fit gives trainers the ability to perform their jobs at full capacity.

– Lack of appropriate exercise structure. Most programs today are what I refer to as the go, go, go, spit in your face, yell in your ear type modalities. The problem with this structure (or lack their of) is imbalance. We have three distinct training zones, strength and power, hypertropic and endurance. Most programs are just pushing the latter endurance range increasing the likelihood of a repeat stress injury and decreasing results. 30-Minute delivers a catered, structured and balanced workout to deliver the best results in the shortest period of time.

– Flexibility. We all lead busy lives and have hectic schedules. I didn’t want a busy schedule to be a point of opposition to our clients so I created “session windows” wherein the clients have the ability to show up anywhere within a scheduled window up until 1/2 hour before it ends. With windows in the morning, lunch and late afternoon it is rare that we aren’t able to accomodate most peoples schedules.

– Accessability. Most training programs are Tue/Thus or Mon/Wed/Fri, with 30-Minute Fit you have unlimited access 6 days a week to our program so you get to dictate your schedule, your program, your results. And with new consistency bonus programs being developed right now we’re providing you with all of the tools you need to suceed in fitness.

– Coaching. Each 30-Minute Fit membership includes a (1) 15 minute private coaching call with me each month. Get your questions answered. Write a plan. Stick to it.

These are just a handful of things that we are doing to separate ourselves from the rest of the industry. I don’t like what I generally see in the fitness industry today so I made a decision to improve it. I’m out to change the face of fitness. To teach people what experience that they should expect…. not whatever buzz term or cult like program is the current rage.

Here’s to changing the face of fitness.

Zac Palmer

Director of Business Operations

Fitness Gear & Training

1605 N State St

Bellingham, WA 98225


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