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Why NOT to trust your supplement purchases from Chain Stores

I frequently have discussions with our clients about nutrition and supplementation. I also frequently warn our clients of the lackadaisical requirements by the FDA in relationship to supplements. Not only are the requirements generally minimal when it comes to nutrient content, they don’t even consider other variables like nutrient quality and bio-availability. And, unfortunately, for every FDA Employee responsible for monitoring the supplement industry there are dozens of new manufacturers popping up every day. The FDA simply doesn’t have enough man power to adequately supervise and patrol the industry. In recent news there were some pretty scary findings, check out the article below by clicking this link or the photo.


At Fitness Gear & Training we have taken the time and guess work OUT of finding a reputable supplement line. In addition, we have the only tool, a biophotonic scanner, that has the capacity to tell you what you are or are NOT getting from your nutrition or supplementation. The Pharmanex Products are Pharmaceutical Grade supplements containing 99.9% of what they say is on the bottle. They have all been single blind, double blind tested and independent peer reviewed. And best of all, they have over 100 doctor’s on their medical advisory board, putting that in perspective most supplement manufacturers don’t have one. Feel better? Swing by Fitness Gear & Training for a nutritional scan today and chat with Zac, Bob or Lane about the amazing products that we represent.

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