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Our History and Facilities

Fitness Gear & Training’s certified personal trainers have decades of experience for clients to benefit from. Whether it is weight loss, sports training, rehabilitation, strength, or improving balance and stability, our personal trainers possess the knowledge and experience our clients need to be successful. What makes FG&T different from any other gym in Bellingham is the close relationships our trainers establish with their clients, and the collaboration amongst our trainers to better the overall results and experiences of our clients.  We differentiate ourselves from the big fitness clubs by actively striving to help our clients remain accountable to their goals and reach those goals by applying the principles of total wellness.

Fitness Gear & Training was established in 1989 as Fairhaven Health and Nutrition by Bob and Patricia Palmer. Now in the hands of the Palmers’ oldest son, Zachary, Fitness Gear & Training strives to provide the highest-quality residential and commercial fitness equipment in addition to delivery, set-up, service, and repair of all of their product lines. In 2007, Fitness Gear & Training moved and expanded to a larger facility in order to incorporate Personal Training in a private, studio environment as well as their very own 30-Minute Fit group fitness program. Fitness Gear & Training has a business model that is almost totally unique in the fitness industry. Only one other specialty retailer in the nation has incorporated retail sales with individual and small group personal training facilities under one roof. We are truly “your source for all things health and fitness.”

·   Private studio environment – eliminate the intimidations and distractions of the mega gyms and receive training personalized to your needs

·   High touch and high technology. More knowledge means more results

·   Cleaner, classier facilities with the newest and best equipment where people train on the products that they have the ability to purchase for their home


Zac Palmer, Director of Business Operations

Zac is from Bellingham, WA and found his passion for fitness through an injury sustained in high school football. Now legally disabled, Zac defines his passion for healthy living as a day-to-day necessity to stay upright and enjoy life. He enjoys continuously educating himself in different training techniques through industry seminars and workshops.  Zac has managed Fitness Gear since 2004. In his free time Zac, enjoys skiing, wakeboarding, football, boating, and all things related to health and fitness. He aspires to dedicate a portion of his life and business to motivational and wellness speaking, particularly to kids of high school age and through corporate wellness, to encourage and develop a foundation for healthy living.

Bob Palmer, Owner

Bob and Patricia Palmer have owned Fitness Gear since its inception in 1989.  After graduating from WWU in 1972, Bob was freight manager for Harbor Airlines. From 1975 to 2000, Bob was Vice President and Manager of Kailani World Travel/Kailani Hawaii Tours.  After Kailani, Bob managed Fitness Gear until 2005, when he and Patricia accepted a position on Kauai, Hawaii, managing a 132-unit condominium project. In 2010, Bob and Pat returned to Bellingham, where he has been assisting and consulting with their son, Zachary. Bob spends his free time, skiing, fishing, boating and playing guitar.

Lane Richards, Personal Trainer and Outside Sales Representative

Born in Bellingham, Lane grew up in Forks, graduating from Forks High in 1976. For 28 years he worked in the automobile industry in Forks and Port Angeles, as a salesperson, sales manager and finance manager. He moved back to Bellingham from Port Angeles in 2011, when he married his high school sweetheart. The following year, Lane joined Fitness Gear & Training, helping out with equipment sales and deliveries. In 2014, his passion for fitness and building relationships with people led him to enroll in Bellingham Technical College to become a certified personal trainer. Lane enjoys playing golf and basketball, and is also fond of craft beer and wine.

Duane Jones, Lead Technician

Duane Jones- I retired from NRNW Fire and Emergency Services in August of 2012. I have been a member of BYC since July of 2015. As a new member I have found that our yacht club has a membership of open and loving people. I have found that welcoming place called home.My experience is mostly cruising sailing. I have been an avid sailor for the last 9 years, five of which I have lived on board. I have cruised the San Juan Islands,Gulf Islands, and the Sunshine coast. I do have some off shore experience as well. I have a good skill set and can figure out most challenges and meet them with appropriate solution. I have good people skills and I work well with others. 

Amanda Gastineau, Personal Trainer

Amanda is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast. Chronic injuries from over running lead her to explore other types of exercise and ultimately lead to a career in personal training. Amanda seeks to help clients get to a healthier place and motivate them to continue reaching their health and fitness goals.


“In October of 2008, my doctor said she was going to put me on blood pressure medication. I asked that she give me some time to get it under control. Yoga had been my passion but after 6 years of attending classes 3 times a week, I had become complacent and quit going. I needed to be held accountable!

“The very next day, I googled ‘personal trainer Bellingham WA’ and Fitness Gear & Training popped up. What impressed me immediately was that they had been in business since 1985. They weren’t going anywhere! I called and scheduled an appointment with Zac to learn about the training process and for him to learn about my goals.

“After several weeks, training 3 times a week, my blood pressure was under control and my doctor was very happy she didn’t have to put me on medication. I was happy too! My clothes were beginning to fit much better.

“Fitness Gear & Training staff have become a very important part of my life. I continue to train 3 times a week and after working with 5 wonderful trainers over the years, I really love my current trainer, my husband Lane!”

-Karen Richards

“I am in my second experience with Fitness Gear & Training. The first began 4 or 5 years ago when I got up from weeding a flower bed and faced the fact that it was getting harder… not the weeding… the getting up!  I had tried working out at a gym in the past, but I didn’t know what and how to work out effectively, doing the same program over and over was boring, and my only accountability was to me, which means there wasn’t any. I had known Zac through a business group for some time and decided to give 30-Minute Fit a try because it sounded different. It was tough at first, but I started to see and feel changes fairly soon, and while it didn’t really get easier (because the exercises adapt), I was excited about the changes.

“And then I just stopped going. At that time I was going to 30-Minute Fit five mornings a week at 5:30 and working with a personal trainer two evenings a week, in addition to working a lot of hours at my job. I was exhausted.

“Over the next year or two I suffered compression fractures in two vertebrae as a result of rather simple actions and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I spent some time feeling powerless and unable to do anything, because everything I read or was told was what I couldn’t/shouldn’t do. In frustration, I went to see a physical therapist friend. He told me how to use my body properly and recommended weight-bearing exercise.

“In January of 2013, I went back to Fitness Gear & Training two mornings a week.  Zac showed me exercises to strengthen my core, and the trainer at 30-Minute Fit helped me adapt exercises which were not appropriate for me to do.  I also went back to personal training twice a week.  Now I have at least 36 hours between workout sessions. I am stronger and more confident in what I can and should not do. I have taken my life back.

“At my last doctor’s appointment, he told me to schedule some sessions with a physical therapist to work on my core strength.  She was obviously very surprised and impressed when she tested me, and suggested I keep doing what I was doing.

I like Fitness Gear & Training and their programs for multiple reasons:

“The staff is great! They know how each exercise should be performed and correct me in the details. With them at my side, I can push myself, knowing I won’t be injured.

“I work at a demanding job.  When I go to Fitness Gear & Training, I know they have the workout set up, they will show me what to do, and they will make sure I do it to get the maximum benefit.  It is a great use of my time, and all I have to do is show up.

“Every workout is different – even the 30-Minute Fit circuit – so it never gets boring.

“All of this is enough to keep me going back, but there is also the benefit of improved posture and some muscles that not only work better, but also look better.”

-Lylene Johnson