30-Minute Fit is FGT’s revolutionary personal training program. It’s designed to provide a private experience all while maintaining the fun and comradery of a group environment. Whether you’re new to fitness or a devout exercise enthusiast, it is a great body-toning and fat-melting program that will improve your tone, balance, mobility, strength and stamina. 30-Minute Fit entails a 3-Minute warm-up, followed by 24 exercises (each 1 minute in duration) and a 3-Minute cooldown. But, 30-Minute Fit is customizable and scaleable in every way, from the overall time of the workout, to the difficulty and variation of the exercises, to the intensity and more. 30-Minute Fit is customized to your needs.

Designed For Busy Schedules

30-Minute Fit has a trainer available from 5:30-9am, 11:30-1:30pm, and 4-7:30pm daily to guide you through each station and offer personalized form corrections and modifications to fit your needs! We also have open sessions (no trainer) between the scheduled windows. Each of the twenty-four stations has beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise variations for every fitness level. Exercises are changed every 3 weeks to include new and unique exercises for each theme. Past themes have included Valentines Day, New Year New Booty, Summer Body Ready, Get a Leg Up on Ski Season, Summer and Winter Olympics to name a few!

30 Minute Fit Feature

Our 30-Minute Fit program is housed in a larger room with commercial grade rubber flooring and a wide variety of commercial grade equipment. This dynamic, circuit-based program features the assistance of a personal trainer to ensure that participants know how to perform the exercise, at each of the 24 exercise stations, properly. The trainer is also there to modify exercises at any given station if our client has a disability or injury that prohibits them from properly doing an exercise within the circuit. The trainer is also there to offer encouragement and additional motivation. Unlike most high-intensity programs, 30-Minute Fit is designed to be progressive and to work with people of every level of fitness. It also brings an extra element of balance that most group fitness programs neglect to drive better results, all while reducing your risk of injury. There’s no peer pressure to try and keep up with the rest of the group (although team encouragement, comradery, and motivation are welcomed!). We have clients of every level of fitness working out together, all with the common goal of improving their current level of fitness.


Our standard pricing plans don’t always work for everyone. If you’re looking for something more or less, let us know and we’ll help set you up for success. New at FGT! Young Adults Age 13-18 Train FREE with each registered parent

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